Translating is not simply transferring a block of text from one language to another, nor is it enough to have an excellent knowledge of languages – anyone who has used Google Translate knows how literal translations can have hilarious outcomes that can destroy your company’s reputation in a heartbeat –.


The cultural aspects that are intertwined with languages, the content of the text and the profile of its target audience are all important considerations when producing an effective translation. Only a graduate translator and native speaker will be able to adapt specific concepts of the culture and source adequate idiomatic expressions in order to avoid literal translations, possible misunderstandings and grave inaccuracies.


As a qualified and experienced translator I can help you bring across your message the way you intend it to be understood in Spanish and French. If you need certificates, business documents, diplomas, brochures, manuals and websites to be translated, do not hesitate to contact me.


Professional and trusted editing and proofreading processes are applied on all projects to check for any errors in grammar, style and imprecise usage of terminology.



My language source-target combinations

• English > Spanish

• French > Spanish

• French >< Spanish (Sworn translations)

• Dutch > Spanish



My specializations

Sworn translator (Spanish><French), accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


• Sworn: certificates, acts, diplomas, sentences, agreements;

• Technical: manuals for machinery, installations, equipment;

• Educational materials and resources: brochures, websites and books;

• Textile: brochures and documents;

• Marketing: documents, brochures and websites;

• Tourism: brochures and websites;

• Medical;


Translation tools

I am a frequent and efficient user of widely used industry-standard software, including:


• Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point;

• Frame Maker, PageMaker, InDesign;





Rates are variable and based on the type of project, the language combination and the urgency of the job. Reductions for high word-count work are provided. For any further information or to receive a quote please contact me.