Traduclass offers different types of courses for adults in groups


Comprising a total of 2 weekly lessons. This course focuses on the essentials:


Grammar, Language skills and Vocabulary. It is high on content and pre-supposes students will make an effort to practise their new knowledge as much as possible outside the classroom. This course particularly suits those who already have plenty of Spanish/French speaking friends to chat with.




Traduclass’ Intensive Course combines rigorous learning with dynamic, task-led activities. As well as giving students a sound grammar and vocabulary base, this course promotes speaking and writing in simulated real-life situations. Thus, the student's Spanish/French flows from the classroom onto his/her everyday world. The Intensive Course is a popular choice for every type of learner.



One to One Courses

There is nothing like having a teacher all to yourself.


Having a teacher to yourself means you get a tailor-made course focusing entirely on your needs and objectives.


This option is often selected by those preparing for a specific exam, interview or a trip abroad, but also by people without a specific reason who simply prefer to learn, improve or practice one-to-one.



Business Language Courses and Communication Training

Business courses tailored to the needs of the participants in terms of contents, context and language but focused on the essentials: Grammar, Language skills and Vocabulary.


In groups (3-12 pers.) The minimum of hours a module includes are 30.


• Long term course: Minimum 1.5 hours per week according to a fixed or flexible schedule.


• Intensive course: Approx. 3 sessions of 1.5 hours per week or more.








Traduclass offers private courses for children/teenagers

Traduclass also offers private language classes for children and teenagers or for groups of up to 6 students in English, French and Spanish.


The private language classes for kids and teens are made to suit the needs of each individual student. For students who study the chosen language also at school, their own textbooks are used and adapted to the methodology that best helps the student to improve their abilities and confidence with the language.



The children and teens who take traduclass’ private language classes have varied objectives, including:


Getting started with a new language;


Improving their grades at school;


Preparing for an (official) exam;