Why choose traduclass?

1) Teachers

Unlike in many other language schools you will always be taught by the same dedicated language teacher at traduclass – teaching is my calling, not something “just for the summer”. My commitment to the profession and years of experience with students of all ages and levels make all the difference.


2) Philosophy

Traduclass has a welcoming environment where every effort is taken to do things with care and flair; - everyone appreciates good service and kind treatment-.


3) "I am in the right place"

At traduclass the hours never get reduced or courses/levels get cancelled due to lack of participants. Being placed in the right level is very important – in order for you to make maximum progress you must not be rushed or stressed … or bored to death because of a lack of challenge. So, if you are tested as being a level A2, you will be placed in an A2 group even if you are the only student in this level.


4) Lessons & Materials

Students are given carefully selected text-books rather than endless and indiscriminate photocopies so learning is methodical and organized. The material is meant to make the lessons leap off the page so students participate actively and with relish.