A good interpretation requires knowledge and experience as well as excellent people skills to understand your audience and pick up both the verbal and the non-verbal communication. Only a trained and experienced interpreter is able to adapt specific concepts of the culture and source adequate idiomatic expressions in order to bring across the right message and prevent possible misunderstandings and grave inaccuracies.


As a qualified and experienced interpreter I can help you bring across your message the way you intend it to be understood in Spanish, French, English and Dutch.


Interpreting services include:


• Simultaneous interpreting

• Liaison interpreting

• Whispered interpreting

• Consecutive interpreting


Traduclass can satisfy all your interpreting needs in the following situations :


• Fairs and events

• Client meetings

• Trainings


Traduclass can assist you in the following language source-target combinations :


• Dutch >< Spanish

• English >< Spanish

• French >< Spanish




Rates are variable and based on the type of project, the language combination and the urgency of the job. For any further information or to receive a quote please contact me.