About Me




Languages are my passion and this is reflected in both my life course and professional experience.


While studying at the university to become a French teacher, translator and interpreter, I spent extended periods in France, in Belgium and in The Netherlands, which helped me to perfect my French and Dutch language skills.


Ever since finishing my studies I have been working in the fields of translation and localization, as well as in education in Spain and in Belgium.

Traduclass has been created out of my love and passion for languages and is the culmination of years of experience in translation, interpretation and education.


My educational background and qualifications


In conjunction with my teaching background, I am a graduate and experienced translator and interpreter, based in Brussels with several years of experience.


My teaching qualifications:


    • Bachelor's Degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language (FFL), University of Salamanca and Centre De Formation Pédagogique d’Aquitaine (Bordeaux).


  • Training course in teaching Spanish as Foreign Language (ELE), University of Barcelona.



My translation and interpreting qualifications:


    • Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting, University of Salamanca, (FR,EN,NL>SP).


  • Sworn Translator and Interpreter appointed (FR><SP), by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.